Universidad del Cauca

Formulario de búsqueda

1. Presentation


To make a publishing request, the author of the work or proponent shall submit to the University of Cauca Press, the following documentation:

1. "Application Form for Publication of Work".
The completed form must be submitted accompanied by: proof of representation, if you are acting through a proxy and proof of ownership of the economic rights of the work if the applicant is not the author of it, or authorization of use of tables figures, illustrations, software, photographs or other works protected by copyright.

2. Two hard copies and one digital copy of the full manuscript (in a program compatible computer with text processors employed by the publishing house). It is understood that the completed manuscript contains:

2.1 Presentation.
2.2 Table of Contents.
2.3 Body text.
2.4 Indices (analytical, name day, toponímico, etc., as appropriate).
2.5 Glossaries.
2.6 Bibliographical sources of illustrations, tables, graphs, pictures and photographs.
2.7 Conclusions.
2.8 Bibliography and
2.9 Other documents that should appear in the publication.

The submission of relevant information will be made so that confidentiality is maintained.

3. If it is a reprint of a title from another publisher, you must submit a copy of the latest edition of the book and copy of the first print edition.

Note: an author may only submit simultaneously a maximum of two works to be considered and evaluated (from himself or representing others), and he/she may not submit other proposals until the decision of the Editorial Board is made.

Characteristics of the work

The work submitted for publication must meet the criteria of high readability: proper handling of fonts and spacing and print quality.

1. The work must have, according to its own requirements, preliminary pages, introduction, body text, figures, tables, bibliography, graphs (in the original format in which they were created), glossary and index.

2. The graphic material that goes with the work must be of excellent quality and in case that it is in digital format, must meet the technical requirements of size, color and appropriate resolution for printing. If development of multimedia or computer material is required, you must attach the necessary information, including the requirements for it.

Once submitted the work to the Publisher, the next step will be the evaluation process by the Editorial Committee.