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3. Proofreading

The University of Cauca Press, headed by the Editor, appoints a copyeditor who suggests changes in style, graphics or text to adapt the work to the editorial guidelines of the University of Cauca. The author should review the suggested changes to give the approval. The deadline for proofreading depends on the extent and characteristics of the text and may not exceed 90 working days. If proofreaders do not belong to the resources to the Press, the Editor work must approve the final work before the approval of the proponent.

The changes suggested.  

The Editor will negotiate a deadline with the author for the revision of the suggested modifications. The period may not exceed 15 working days. The delivery of the text by the author to the University of Cauca Press constitutes explicit acceptance of modification of the work originally delivered. The time for printing begins to run from the time the author, compiler or academic publisher of the work, returns the revised text and approved to the Press.

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