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5. Final Edition

As part of the final editing process the following activities will be conducted:

Work Identification procedures: The University of Cauca Press will process the legal identification of the work before the Colombian Book Chamber in order to obtain the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). The proponents of the work will assume the payment for procedures and registration costs.

Proofreading: The University of Cauca Press will review the arts of the diagrammed book, a process that will have a maximum of fifteen days; in special cases, due to the length of the text and its complexity, this period may be extended.

Approval of final artwork: once reviewed arts by the Editorial, the author will review it and sign the approval record, within a period not exceeding fifteen business days.

Cataloguing in Publication: Staff from the System University Libraries will prepare the bibliographic record (which will go on the copyright page of the publication), placing the publication within subjects or areas of knowledge, to enable the identification of the publication. This step facilitates technical processing of documents and promotes standardization in libraries and bookstores. The maximum realization of this process is five business days.

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