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6. Publication and distribution

Visibility and accessibility: Once the work is published, it will go to the process of national or international, distribution and marketing, using an expert and positioned distributor and channels of distribution. The distribution will include the location and promotion in academic and commercial libraries, participation in book fairs and publishing the information of the University Press publications in mass media access, including the Internet. Thus Editorial and academic production of the University will be disclosed in the market

As owner of the produced copies of the work, the Press allocate copies of it for promotion, according to its own informed judgment, commercial profile of the work and market conditions. The Editor may deliver these copies to publishers and distributors who consider relevant or promote the circulation of works in academic and commercial fields.

The University of Cauca Press produce and print an editorial catalog and updated information about new books at least once a year. Also, ensure appropriate broadcast channels for both academic and commercial public. Both the catalog as news reports shall circulate in print and digital formats.

The Publisher may make or participate in fairs and other events to disseminate and promote its editorial production, and offer special prices for both members of the university community (teachers, students and administrators) and the community in general.