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Courses and workshops

In the near future, the University of Cauca Press plans to offer the community courses and workshops related to their field of action, with the objective to contribute to the mission purpose of the alma mater train people in different areas of knowledge. Some of the courses and workshops to be offered are:

1. How to transform your thesis in a book: basics.

2. How to write a scientific article.

3. Argumentative texts reading and writing Workshop.

Courses and workshops will be held only if the minimum number of entries, corresponding to 15 people per activity, is achieved. If approved, the Editorial informs interested parties of the date and venue thereof.

For more information about the components of the courses, and to reserve quotas assistance, interested parties should contact Gloria Amparo Ramírez Zuluaga, executive secretary of the Editorial, via phone (+57)2 8 209800 ext. 1134 or 1135 or email at editorialuc@unicauca.edu.co.