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Unicauca formally received Institutional Accreditation

Ministra de Educación entrega Acreditación Institucional

During the ceremony, the Minister of Education announced resources for the institution.

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Representative of a Health High Institute and Medicine School of Sweden visited Unicauca

During the meeting, the participation of Unicauca in the Erasmus Mundus Oracle project was highlighted with one professor and eight students who traveled to recognized European universities.

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Ministry of Education awarded Institutional Accreditation to Unicauca

Acreditación Institucional

The rector of the institution, Juan Diego Castrillon Orrego, thanked those who are part of the Alma Mater and previous administrations, for the work done so far to achieve this important milestone.

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An inter-institutional committee to participate in the international forum about victim reparation was formed

The University of Cauca and the Cauca Administrative Tribunal established an institutional alliance.

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The alliance between Unicauca and the University of Rotterdam was strengthened

Dr. Fernando Rivadeneira, associate professor of the University of Rotterdam, visited the University of Cauca.  It strengthens the partnership between the two institutions to support training and research in the area of health.

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