Boxes of Voices Installed in all Faculties

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On Tuesday, September 5th, the Voice Boxes installation was carried out, with the objective to follow the 2018-2022 Institutional Development Plan 2018-2022: Towards a University committed to Territorial Peace.


The central event was held in the Santo Domingo cluster with Jose Luis Diago Franco president of the Alma Mater. In a corridor next to the Rectory, the president was present in a Box of Voices installation, which will remain where installed as a space for the university community to participate.


Nine other ballot boxes of this type will be located in strategic sites of the faculties, aiming to have students, teachers and administrators participate in answering the questions: Where do you expect the University to be in five years? And what does the University need to do in order to achieve it?


"The invitation then is so that until October 5th the entire university community needs to give their opinion both in the physical boxes and in the virtual space that the University has as the Voice Boxes, and with these opinions will be a link where University Development Plan is available," said Aida Lucia Toro Ramirez, head of the Office of Planning and Institutional Development.


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