The Cauca Governor’s office and Unicauca in synergy for international cooperation projects

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Focused on the importance of mutual and collaborative work that must exist between the territorial entities and the academy, the University of Cauca, and the Government of Cauca, continue strengthening and projecting lines of work that generate impact in the communities and contribute to the social transformations that the country lives while working towards peace.


"We have several projects on the agenda, I am pleased to inform the academic community that one of the strategic alliances with the Government has been on the European Union issue. At the moment, the University of Cauca, with the support of the Government, is leading two projects with the participation of the Rural Mission, a civil society organization with CREPIC and other institutions to strengthen the presence of the Alma Mater with strategic projects in the region within the aim of post agreements and taking into account that the University is committed to territorial peace," said Julián Andrés Caicedo Ortiz, professor and head of the Division of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Articulation with the Environment.


He stressed that from the office under his responsibility, with the Strategic Projects Area "we have been able to have two very good evaluations of the European Union with two projects that allow to strengthen the whole subject of water resource and the strengthening of the work with victims in some key municipalities in the region. "


Meanwhile, Yadira Amú Vente, head of the Cauca International Cooperation Advisory Office, said that the European Union is also waiting for a call to discuss issues of women's empowerment and rural development.


"In conjunction with the University of Cauca and the Swedish University KTH (Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology), a memorandum of understanding was signed last year so that we can have innovation in tertiary education issues, we are reviewing what state it is in this memorandum and what actions with the Office of the Vice-President of Research have advanced as well as with our Infrastructure Secretary," said Amu Vente.


She added that from the Department's International Cooperation Office, in order to keep Cauca connected with the world, "we have designed a proposal to create a virtual platform where Caucans and Caucans abroad are aware of the actions we are taking here in the department and how they can be linked to them."


She emphasized that they consider that it is key that the University of Cauca articulate with that project so that in the next meetings it will be established how the Alma Mater can contribute in this plan to bring the region closer to the homelands that make homeland in the world, and so that they too can contribute to the land where they  were born.


Finally, Yadira Amú Vente said that from the Government, within this diplomatic agenda, and considering that it is very important that the department be shown in a positive way," we have organized the visit of the Chinese ambassador in Colombia, Mr. Li Nianping, who will be in Cauca on September 12, 13 and 14”.


Li Nianping is planned to visit Silvia Township, Coffee Technology Park, Hass Avocado Gathering Center, and several of the University of Cauca facilities.


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