Firm progress on the University Citadel in Santander de Quilichao

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In a session of the Superior Council of the University of Cauca, which took place in the Carvajal Campus of Santander de Quilichao, Cielo Pérez Solano - Vice-President, presented progress with a view to the execution of the first stage of the University Citadel project in the locality of the north of the Cauca.


"The citadel project is very advanced, we are in the process of public tender of the first stage, in evaluation of offers (...) we will be awarding those on September 13th," said Pérez Solano.


She also pointed out that according to the established schedule, the deadline for the construction of the initial stage of the work is 12 months. Hence, it is expected to have two buildings, each with 24 classrooms; wide common areas, and an administrative area, for a total of 8 thousand 120 square meters, in about 5 hectares.


It should be noted that the total size of the land where the citadel will remain is 19 hectares.


"The idea is that this first stage leaves the University Citadel functional, we can start with the use of the building, and it is our commitment to manage resources to advance in the second stage. This project has six stages, and we need inter-institutional support to be able to carry it out in full," said Pérez Solano.


The University Citadel of Santander de Quilichao, which has the support of the Collegiate Organ of Administration and Decision, Ocad Pacífico, has a total cost of 70 billion pesos.


The investment required for the first stage is 9.3 billion pesos. With its own resources, the University of Cauca contributes the sum of 3,800 million; the National Department of Planning will allocate 2.200 million, and the contribution of the Governorate of Cauca amounts to 3,300 million pesos, through the General System of Royalties.


As a strategic factor for the development of this project, and as part of the current rectory purposes, its execution goes in the direction of the Transparency Pact, signed with the Presidency of the Republic, following the guidelines for public procurement that has the National Institute of Vías, considered as a model in the country.


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