Gift Shop day - 'It does not happen to me' with Extensive Acceptance

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With massive participation was developed at the University of Cauca the day called Gift Shop 'A me no me pasa', whose purpose was to improve knowledge on contraceptive methods, and to contribute in the learning of university students in making informed and responsible decisions on sexual and reproductive health, with professional advice.


"The activity, among other things, seeks to prevent unwanted pregnancies, in the University is a subject that concerns us. These girls stop studying, change their life plans" said the head of the Division of Management of Integral Health and Human Development, Catalina Zarama Ruiz, adding that with these activities and symbolically delivering gifts in a climate of trust at the same time explain to students the importance of sexual and reproductive health.


Likewise, the official recalled that in addition to these scenarios, the University through its dependency has within the reach of the student community the service related to sexual and reproductive health, and medicine in general.


He said that from the Division of Management of Integral Health and Human Development" we have achieved agreements that allow us to make the exchange of contraceptive methods ... we have a nurse, two doctors in charge of this work, and with gynecology for this program to attend to the different changes that can be made in the organism according to the planning methods and to guide them to each student, not only women but men in their methods and counseling.


The day was supported by the Secretary of Health of Cauca, Profamilia, regarding the distribution of condoms, and the multinational Bayer, in charge of gifts, especially souvenirs for mobile equipment, delivered to the participants.


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