nicauca held a Seminar on Biotechnology as it applies to Agricultural Agroindustry

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In the Founders Hall of the Faculty of Law, Political and Social Sciences of the University of Cauca, the Seminar on Biotechnology applied to the Fishery Agroindustry was organized, organized by the Vice-Rectory of Research, Faculty of Agrarian Sciences, Regional Center of Productivity and Innovation of Cauca CREPIC, and the Research Group on the Utilization of By-products, Waste and Agroindustrial Waste, Asubagroin, with the support of the Government of Cauca and the Altpez project.


The objective of the event was to provide all fish farmers in the Department of Cauca an update on different topics around aquaculture, with the accompaniment of academia and industry, thinking about the use of by-products and preservation of the environment.


According to Professor José Luis Hoyos, attached to the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences, the seminar revealed progress made in recent years in the fishery chain, as well as the scope of the project 'Alternatives for the use of by-products of the fish farming industry - Altpez ', run by the University of Cauca and financed by the General System of Royalties.


"We have the representation of the entire production chain, we have producers, small producers, all entrepreneurs of their own, some with export processes, representatives of the commercial houses of concentrated food brands, as well as the academic sector of Colombia and Brazil," said the teacher.


Sandra Patricia Rebolledo, Leader of Agrocadenas of the Regional Center for Productivity and Innovation of Cauca, CREPIC, said that among the main work areas of the initiative in question is the consolidation of alternatives so that fish farmers "can count on a diversity of shares at the time of generating income; on the one hand taking advantage of the byproducts, the viscera that leave after the processing - and that normally is a loss -, to turn it into something that already is valued.”


She added that emphasis was also placed on environment care, as the use of waste reduces the damage that can be caused to water, air and land.


As regards the challenges posed by the strengthening of the fishery chain, animal nutrition was mentioned as a trend for the next decade, the development of new products, and the expansion of the sector.


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