Unicauca advances towards strengthening the southern Cauca region

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The central theme of this meeting between José Luis Diago Franco, university president and  the dean of the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences, Luis Alfredo Londoño, and teachers of this academic unit related to their education, as well as the preparation for the next resource offer of the program Universities for Peace, initiative of the National Government.


"There are about 70 billion dollars in the Colombian stock market in which I believe we can work towards projects of about 3 thousand to 4 billion pesos," said Dr. José Luis Diago Franco.


According to the University President, in the framework of this proposal for both El Bordo and Santander de Quilichao "we arrived to stay and we are committed to territorial peace".


In turn, Luis Alfredo Londoño, dean of the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences, said that the Expanded Council left a positive balance because it clarified what the position of the University vis-a-vis Regionalization in general and the headquarters of El Bordo in particular.


"The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is the pioneer in the presence here in El Bordo with two programs: Agricultural Engineering and Agroindustrial Engineering, taking advantage of the call for Universities for Peace. We with a conviction we play to this strategy, and we have a cohort of each one of these two programs ", said the Dean.


Finally, Professor Londoño said that since the presence of the University is demanded by the region and has been well received, "the reflection is that work must be done to make programs more relevant and appropriate in their curricular, methodological structure with the region; it is not enough to come to offer courses, but there must be a much more integral presence in terms of research and social interaction.


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