Unicauca and Caucan Municipalities work to consolidate a Special Free Trade Zone

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University of Cauca directives, headed by the president José Luis Diago Franco, in the continuous strengthening of the ties of cooperation and joint work with Caucan municipalities, met Monday, September 4th with the Victor Isaac Valencia Sandoval, Piendamo mayor, aiming towards advancing the consolidation of a Special Permanent Free Zone in the center of the department.


During the meeting, the Vice-President of Research, Héctor Samuel Villada Castillo, said that the project, which also includes municipalities such as Cajibío and Silvia, seeks to strengthen the agricultural theme, social projection, entrepreneurship, research, development and the innovation.


Among the lines of action is planned to bet on four strategic fields from agriculture; Hass avocado, specialty coffees, cassava (three of its varieties), and quinoa production.


"The idea is that not only from the agricultural theme will be involved graduates or students in practice but also professionals who have been articulating in this area, in social tourism, law, political science, art and communications," Dr. Villada Castillo noted.


He also stressed that one of the important points is to involve organizations that have been supporting the post-conflict issue. "Our University is committed to territorial peace and that is what we want with the theme of the Special Permanent Free Zone to be."


The mayor of Piendamó, Victor Isaac Valencia Sandoval, said that this initiative is very important not only for the center region but also for the whole department and for the southwest of Colombia, because besides signifying the strengthening of the economy through the agricultural sector and industrial in the region, opens the possibility that the products have greater possibilities of commercialization and positioning in the national and international markets.


"I believe that without the collaboration of the University this was impossible, I am grateful for this process, we hope it culminates in a happy ending," concluded the president.


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