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In the Auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce in Santander de Quilichao, a discussion was held on the analysis of financing alternatives in the regionalization programs, under the responsibility of Doctor Jaime Vargas Vives, of the Subdirección de Apoio a la Gestión de las Instituciones of Higher Education of the Ministry of National Education, with the participation of the members of the Superior Council, University Directives and representatives of social organizations.


During the event, Vargas Vives said that although regionalization costs more, higher education will continue to be supported by the Ministry of Education, and that among the axes of action that are part of this mission "the Rural Higher Education Plan of the Ministry of Education, which would benefit the community of northern Cauca and in the coming months we hope to expand the call. "


He explained that it is expected to impact through flexible supply models; support for support and enrollment; and fostering the growth of the region through the consolidation of simultaneous ventures at the time when young people advance their studies.


Dr. José Luis Diago Franco, Rector of the University of Cauca, said that the Alma Mater is ready to participate in the call for funds close to 65 billion pesos to finance the regionalization programs offered in the country. by MinEducation.


"We will apply to those funds, and we are sure to get some of those benefits. In November the call is removed and these resources would arrive in 2018, "said Diago Franco.


He recalled that this is in addition to the alternatives with a view to reducing costs in enrollments in municipalities such as Santander de Quilichao, indicating that on average one semester in Regionalization costs about 3 million 200 thousand pesos, of which the student at this moment is paying 1 million 200, and the rest the University of Cauca.


The Rector, finally stated that "we are very close to regularizing the programs in Santander de Quilichao and is the struggle of this Administration, is a dream that was born with an agreement between social organizations and the University where the families are now responding the young people, and we hope in the next year to look for a third different payer to the Ministry ".


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