Unicauca was part of the XXXVII “Silleteros” Parade of Piendamó

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The University of Cauca, with the aim of strengthening mutual work with municipalities, and of the rescuing and sharing traditions, as well as the preservation of the material and immaterial heritage of the state, joined the great multicultural festival that means The XXXVII Silleteros Parade, central activity of the Coffee and Flower Festival in Piendamó.


A space in which more than 60 groups paraded with their work of art extolling the values ​​of the region, paying homage to illustrious characters, inviting to the care of the environment, and celebrating peace. All made with flowers and coffee beans cultivated by farmers in this area of ​​the country.


"This parade of silleteros is the result of the strength, the work, the effort, the imaginary, the creativity of all the floriculturists to express in the silletas those worlds, those meanings, and many facets of life," said Luz Marina Muñoz Calvache, Coordinator of Culture of the municipality of Piendamó.


He added that it is a space to bring families together and to encourage in new generations love for its culture and an interest to preserve a tradition that strengthens the identity and the sense of belonging. "The silletera family is made up of infants, adolescents, youth, adults, and the elderly; In the Sunday parade only the adults participate, the parlor of our parade is the first day of the fair.


Finally, Luz Marina Muñoz Calvache, mentioned that the university support in this process and other initiatives of cultural management has been vital in both pedagogical and aerial diffusion.


"The University of Cauca has been linking with the municipality of Piendamó in different programs, especially in those of culture; We have music training programs, event support programs, and good grade work from one of your students in the Graphic Design Department. The university has always been with us," he said.


Pilar Campos, head of the Unicauca Communications Management Center, emphasized that "for the University of Cauca, and from the current university management objectives, it is important to articulate with all the cultural activities of the municipalities, as in this case, the Silleteros Parade. Also from the institutional media it is a pleasant task to carry out a radial emmission and spread all these initiatives that contribute to peace. "


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