Unicauca was visited by a delegation from the Federal University of Minas Gerais of Brazil

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The Brazilian university delegation met last Tuesday with university management, as part of a joint work agenda that seeks to strengthen the relationship between the two academic entities and provide greater spaces for mobility and build joint knowledge.


Rómulo Montealto, Center for Latin American Studies coordinator of the aforementioned Brazilian institution, was part of the delegation whose academic mission also included a visit to other Colombian higher education institutions.


"The plan of our visit has to do with listening and knowing what research groups do here. We are reaffirming our agreement of the Federal University of Minas Gerais with the University of Cauca, and the objective is that we can strengthen our ties so that we can on the horizon receive more students, teachers and even administrative staff, and that ours may come here," said Montealto.


He also pointed out that they come with two specific themes aiming to advance cooperation, "one is our common heritage, the Afro-Colombian and Afro-Brazilian heritage and then we can do studies, either from the Center for Latin American Studies or from various research groups" .


The other topic that is expected to advance has to do with a Latin American Network of Typography. "The idea is to recover presses and a whole memory that was armed around this; Not only Brazil and Colombia, but from other countries, with which there is a network in progress that is gathering works of this nature, "concluded Ralph Montealto.



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