Unicauca TV

Perspectivas (Outlook)

Perspectivas (Outlook) is an opinion based program conducted by the Communications Division director of the university. The institutional program seeks to discuss issues of local, regional, national, and international interest. Each discussed issue includes the participation of guests who offer thorough knowledge on the topic. Perspectivas is also a space for citizens to reflect and form a critical opinion on the surrounding context.

For previous episodes of Perpectivas(Outlook) please look at our Vimeo account.

Broadcast: Weekly
Length: 25 Minutes
Transmission Schedule: 
EMTEL Channel 29 - 8:30PM Wed.
EMTEL Re-run -  6:00PM Thur.
National University Channel ZOOM - 2:00PM Fri.

CAUCA Channel 3 - 6:00PM Sat.

JOURNALISM w/ Nationally Acclaimed Journalist Juan Carlos Iragorri