Continuing Education Courses (CEC)

These are the courses that are offered by the University of Cauca to the public in general.

- CEC in Public Law

- CEC in Private Law

- CEC in Resolution of Legal Disputes

- CEC in PMP (Project Management Professional)

- CEC in Research Methodology in Health

- CEC in Analysis in Public Policy

- CEC in Formulation, Management, and Evaluation of Social Projects

- CEC in “Cauca Outlook: Political, economic, and social problems”


Language Courses

- English Course for Extension

- Preparation course for the TOEFL test

Advanced Conversation Course in English

- Awareness course in English (children 4-10 years old)

- English course for children 11 years onwards

- Intensive English Courses for youth and adults

- Courses in German, English, Italian, and Portuguese.


College Preparatory Courses

-  Course in Basic Musical Studies (precollege level)

- Course Preparation to the Saber Test 2011 (ICFES)

- Preparatory Course for admission test at Unicauca

Other Areas

- Musical Introductory Courses Preorchestra (level I, II,,and III) 

- Basic Course in Photography

- Prehospital Life Support Course and Rescue “Paramedics”

- Fundamentals of Statitical and Data Analysis in SPSS

- Pedagogy Course for professionals with no teaching degree.