Forest Engineering

The Forest Program is part of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Cauca. The Forest Engineering is a training program that bases its formation on a scientific, professional, humanistic, and socio-economic level. It aims to train professionals in the management, rational use and integral development of natural and planted resources, which are related to the forestry sector in a holistic view and understanding of the multiple alternative use of the potential that these resources represent.

All this under the principle of a balanced development consistent with natural resources and environment in the perspective of seeking a better life.

Degree title: Forest Engineer

Schedule: Day classes.

Modality: The classes are held in a classroom setting. 

Duration: Ten (10) semesters.

Admission: Semiannual.

Code SNIES: 9833


Contact information:

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Forest Engineering Department

Tel: +57 2 8245976 ext. 106.



Office of Admission and Registration

Carrera 2 A Nº 3N-111.
Sector Tulcán.
Phone Number: +57 2  8209800 ext. 2179 ó 2191.
Fax: +57 2 8209824 ext. 2198.