Degree Ceremonies. June 2, 2023

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Friday, June 2 / 2023

Degree Ceremonies. June 2, 2023

Location: 7468 (Francisco José de Caldas Auditorium (Calle 5 No. 4-70))

Time: 8:00 A.M.


The University of Cauca announces the schedule of the Degree Ceremonies that will be held on Friday, June 2, 2023, at the Francisco José de Caldas Auditorium.


To enter the Auditorium, three (3) invitation cards will be delivered, including the graduate's card, which will be announced shortly on the day and time of delivery.


The graduate and his companions are requested to arrive in advance to the ceremony, since its start will be done punctually at the established time. Once the door is closed, the graduate or accompanying persons will not be allowed to enter the Auditorium.


The University of Cauca appreciates your understanding in compliance and punctuality, which will result in the order, solemnity and majesty of the ceremony.


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Programming Degree Ceremonies June 2, 2023


General Secretary

Telephone 8209800 ext. 1106



Event addressed to: Graduates

Costs: Free for Graduates and Graduates

Organized by: General Secretariat