Journals and Magazines

The University of Cauca publishes several publications by its various departments, academic units, and research groups. This printed media informs the student body and the community on topics such as academic, research, and social activities performed by the University. Content printed includes specific information on different areas related to knowledge. Several publications are available in print while almost all are available through the Internet.

Current UNICAUCA publications are:

Newspapers on Current Events 

  • University Today Newspaper

  • U&C Newspaper (print only)

Academic and Scientific Journals available in digital version

  • Biotechnology in Agriculture and Agrobusiness

• VRI Newsletter (Research Vice-Rectory)
  • WithSense (Consentido)

  •  ieWeb

• Engineering Today (it features a printed version)
  • Colombian News

• Journals of Health Sciences
  • Rutic
  • Faculty of Health Science's magazine

Academic and Scientific Journals available in PDF version

  • Bulletin Mosquera House Museum

  • North Magazine (Santander de Quilichao headquarters).

  • Utopia Magazine

Printed academic and Scientific Journals


Itinerants Magazines (Doctorate in Education Sciences).

  • The Journal of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Magazine computer Link 

• The Journal of  Comparative Social Studies.
  • PoriK An Magazine.

• Pulse Magazine.
  • Telecommunications and Society Magazine.
  • Unicauca Science Magazine.