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Representative of a Health High Institute and Medicine School of Sweden visited Unicauca

Friday, July 5, 2013

Photo: Área de prensa

In order to provide continuity to the agreement that began in 2009 with the Oracle of Erasmus Mundus project, which enables academic mobility with the European Union, Anita Berglund, the representative of the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, and Dr. Hugo Cosme, the rector ad interim of the Universidad del Cauca, held a very important meeting.


The representative of the Karolinska Institutes said that the University of Cauca is doing a very impressive work on the projects.  As evidence she mentioned the Oracle Program, the genetic research group, as well as the students from the university of Cauca who have been in Sweden.


It is important to note that  Edwin Munoz and Germán Carrasquilla, who are currently enrolled in a PhD at this Swedish Institute, work on this project.


The meeting was attended also by Henry François Tarlín, head of the Office of Inter-institutional and international Relations (ORII); Dr. Hernán Sierra, director of the research group on applied genetics; and Eliana Cristina Portilla, graduated of the biology program and the collective research assistant.


Ms. Portilla reiterated the importance of strengthening inter-institutional relations to improve study opportunities to researchers from the University of Cauca.


For more ore information, please contact:


Office of inter-institutional and international relations (ORII).

Phone Number: 8209900 ext. 1163.


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